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And so he pretends to be your lover,

But blames you for his own ineptitude,

'Til his subliminal rage takes over,

Resorting to brutal acts and language crude,


You protest and he becomes more irate

Anger and resentment builds, blinding him,

He says women lie and he's filled with hate

And suddenly you become his victim,


Used, battered, abused and accused by him,

You do not dare follow where he has led,

His anger is bright and his wits are dimmed

And if you cannot run, you'll wind up dead!


Where you needed love, the back of his hand

Is what you get, so run while you still can!

Karl Stuart Kline (4/18/08)


This very appropriate "Dead End" sign is in my neighborhood and if you should notice and wonder about the bullet scar near the top, that is where a stray bullet caught it during "The Delray Shootout", where dozens of police(State, Sheriff and at least two townships) chased  a suspect to ground and killed him .  The story is told on my web site as a first hand account told as it was happening - www.poeticat.com
Modern Slavery

You don't hear a lot about it,
but it is there none the less...
Quiet, they don't shout about it,
Speaking up's left up to us

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