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Acid in Your Face!

The empathy that allows me to become the poet that I am can also be a burden and a curse.


Be that as it may, I am too familiar with man's inhumanity to man and, most especially, to women.


This is my response to the "Acid throwing report" that told of how this is all too common an occurrence and are often a form of domestic violence.  Often this  is carried out against minor females as well as adults.  In either case it has to be a very sick man who thinks that his actions are justified when he does this kind of damage to another human being.


ACID in Your Face!


You were young and you had a future,

There's a happy life you had planned,

But now you've got gauze and sutures

Because some suitor felt unmanned


When you won't give up all you have,

Doing what he says is your duty,

Becoming his submissive slave.

So he destroys your youthful beauty


Using vitriol or acid,

A sick substitute for hormones,

He'll make you pay for what you did

By burning skin and even bones.


An act typical of his kind,

That burns your face and leaves you blind.



Karl Stuart Kline

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